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10 signs you’re just not that into him

March 14, 2017
March 14, 2017
April 5, 2017

The word soulmate is probably one of the world’s most cliché thing to say, BUT like everyone says :“You’ll know when it’s right”.
And often we find ourselves thinking we are with the right one, just to realize later it was a waste of time.

So here are the signs you’re dating a guy that’s NOT the right one…

  1. You notice how you are the one who controls the relationship, everything is on your terms. Not only is this because he is adorable and dies for you, but because you actually don’t give a flying crap about what he wants or not. (Otherwise compromises would have been made all the time)
  2. You are not really planning a future for you two. Yeah sure, some people don’t like to plan too far ahead, but guuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl you will literally plan how many kids, where to live and what gift to buy him on his 50th birthday after the first date if he is the one.
  3. You don’t miss him. Kind of obvious, but just to clarify- he is not the one, sorry bruh.
  4. He embarrasses you. You are dragging out the meeting with your family and even friends, because you know he is not going to impress anyone, and you’d rather just NOT.
  5. You are not interested in hearing about his dreams, thoughts or just his day in general. Watching movies just to prevent any actual conversation? Yeah we feel you.
  6. You can’t see yourselves going on a vacation together. The mere thought of you and your partner in Paris during a weekend makes you yawn.
  7. You can’t be yourself in front of him. Your level of awesomeness is going down drastically because he wouldn’t appreciate your sick humour.
  8. You feel like you are settling. If the spark isn’t there, and you’re forcing it just for the sake of it, it’s called settling.
  9. Hanging out with friends is more fun than hanging out with your partner. Does the thought of you and your partner clubbing alone make you cringe? It shouldn’t. Your partner should be your best friend, and that means you guys have to have fun together- otherwise it’s dead AF.
  10. You are still thinking about your ex. “No I’m totally over him” but sits and listens to sad love songs relating to every word, thinking about him” isn’t the definition of being over someone, and if you’re not then what are you even doing in a new relationship?

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